Exploring the Upper Keys

December 17th, 2012 2 comments

Good Morning!

For the past month I was waiting for the right wind direction that could push us to the upper keys back and forth. Finally this weekend conditions were favorable to head to Sands Key, 25 miles away. Overall it was great solo sailing both ways. I had to shorten the main sail on the way there to keep the healing under control. It worried me not making the entry before dusk but I barely made it to Boca Chita Key at around 5pm. Anchoring outside the harbor was a bit scary since the tide was low and I could see the bottom closer that I would like to. It was almost dark and running aground in the night wouldn’t be fun.

It was a pretty spectacular starry night away from the city although something made the boat swing erratically around 2am, perhapsĀ a sunken tree branch or tall grass tangled in the rudder. I woke up to find a display of full rainbows popping up in front of us just in time for a granola-bar & banana breakfast. Before setting sail I dove under the boat to check the rudder; mysteriously nothing was found.

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